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Marco Salvemini,
Remo Sanges
Vincenza Colonna
Giuseppe Saccone
Serena Aceto

Serena Aceto

Serena is Senior Researcher and Teacher in Genetics and she works at the Department of Biology of the University of Naples Federico II.

Her scientific interests are focused on molecular phylogeny, population and evolutionary genetics, mainly referred to plant species. In particular, she studies genes involved in flower development of Mediterranean orchid species. She has also studied the genetic structure of natural populations of fungi (truffles) and the molecular evolution of the methallotionein genes in mussels.

During the last years, Serena is collaborating  with the Marco Salvemini and Giuseppe Saccone, applying her competences in molecular phylogeny and evolutionary genetics to analyze genes involved in the sex determination cascade of the mosquito Aedes aegypti.

More recently, Serena's research activity has switched to transcriptome analysis of coding and small non-coding RNAs involved in flower development. As a consequence of this new scientific interest, she has acquired, in strict collaboration with Marco Salvemini, abilities in managing and analyzing transcriptome next generation sequencing data.

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