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Giuseppe Saccone

Giuseppe is Senior Researcher and Lecturer in Genetics at the Department of Biology of the University of Naples Federico II.

In 1994-1995 and in 1999 (CNR fellowship, Italy), Giuseppe worked at IMBB (Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology; Crete, Greece) contributing to the development of the first gene transfer technique in the agricultural pest insect Ceratitis capitata.

In 1996 (EMBO, fellowship) and 2010 (Univ. “Federico II” fellowship) he was a visiting scientist at University of Zurich (CH), to work on evolution of sex determination in different dipteran species.

Giuseppe main contributions to this research area consist in the discovery of an novel autoregulatory function for thetransformer gene which is widely conserved in Insects, in the development of a novel biotechnological approach to the production of male only progeny (Int. Pat. WO/2002/070686) and in the evolutionary studies on sex determining pathways in pest fruit flies and vector diseases mosquitoes (He received in 2004 a WHO/TDR grant for an Aedes aegypti research  project). He is a member of a Coordinated Research Project of FAO/IAEA focused on Molecular Technologies to improve the Sterile Insect Technique and of the research center of excellence.

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